Published Storyline Course - Videos Don't Play once published in LMS

Aug 01, 2023

I am having trouble with courses created in Storyline 360 once they are published and imported into an LMS.  If the course contains a video the course will freeze and not advance to the next slide which contains the video.  The course did work at one time in the LMS but now it doesn't seem to matter what I try.

I have checked with my IT Dept and even with my LMS provider both are thinking it may be a setting within Articulate that I need to change and then republish.

I appreciate any thoughts!

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Kelly Auner

Hi Laura, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

I'm so sorry you've hit this snag but glad to see that you've connected with my teammate, Ian, in a support case. We'll continue troubleshooting there to keep all information in one place!

If anyone in the community is experiencing a similar issue, here's an article that may be helpful!