Published Storyline Project Freezes Learners' Computers

Jul 01, 2014

Can't find any prior discussion of this issue, so asking for help.  I am creating my first Storyline project, a Compliance course.  Using one slide as a map for navigation with links to each topic required to be covered.  The last slide in each topic links back to the map slide and the areas you've already "visited" are greyed out to show your progress.  The published course currently sits on an internal server but will eventually rest on our LMS.

My reviewers report that each time they visit the map page and click on a link, their computer freezes and they have to exit the course. When they reenter, they must use the TOC to navigate where they want to go.  I do not have this exeperience when I review the course that rests on the server.

I don't think it's a Storyline issue as the published file works for some of us but not for others.  Where would I start looking to troubleshoot this? Is this an issue with bandwidth?  Flash versions?  Something else?

PS I am not necessarily an IT/Tech savvy person- more like an above-average interested user!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jo,

You mentioned it's placed on a server for folks to use - and I'm curious if when the users are accessing it from the server, if it's running it as if it's a local published version. That could cause issues with the Flash or browser security - so you may want to place it within the LMS or a testing site such as SCORM Cloud (an industry standard for testing SCORM content). There are also a few free web servers you could try it out from here (you'd need to republish for Web instead of LMS). 

Lastly, you'll want to make sure that your colleagues/reviewers are testing it within one of the recommended browsers here. 

Jo Chamberlin

Thank you, Ashley-  The course was published for the Web, and it's resting on a web server.  I checked with the SMEs who are experiencing the problem and they all have Flash 12 or better and are on IE 8, all of which exceed the specs for running Storyline.  If Browser security were and issue, would the course even launch?  This launches but freezes on a particular slide.  I will republish the course for LMS and place it in our LMS test version to see if the problem persists. 

Thank you for your your insights and I'll let you know what happens in the LMS!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jo,

If the freezing happens consistently on one slide - I'd look deeper into that slide. Is it particular animation or media heavy and just having difficulty loading based on bandwidth? I also saw a few troubleshooting steps detailed in this Microsoft article on troubleshooting Flash issues with IE 8 and 9 - it may be worth looking into those as well. 

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