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Nick Gidman

It happens with me as well, but only when publishing for LMS. One thing to make sure is to work locally, SL2 seems to be affected by networks much more than SL1. But if you use the task manager to end the process, it will prompt you asking to save, click save and it will then close. Once reopened it seems to work for me. Not sure as to why its doing it though!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trish,

In addition to the information Nick mentioned in regards to working locally and ensuring you're publishing locally, I'd also be curious to know if you've gone through the repair steps already. 

We have shared a similar thread with our QA team, and they're continuing to look into it, but if you're able to consistently reproduce we'd want to know what exact steps you went through and it may be easier to report that in a support case.