Publishing as Video Media issue

I'm publishing a course as a video but receive an error that says "Some of the media in this project cannot be included in this video." What does this mean and how can I tell which media can't be included?  Once I click the OK button, the publish screen stays on "Preparing to encode video..."  The course won't publish as a video.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Karla Watson

Same thing happening here. Not sure why there is no support for this issue. So far I have uploaded file and submitted a case - went back and forth with support over several days (support never really identifying the correct issue) - per their request, uninstalled, reinstalled SL 360; restarted laptop several times - still can't publish Video (even just one slide) - and getting the same message. Fair to say I am quite frustrated. Funny thing is I was able to publish as Vdeo (MP4) before. When I first downloaded SL 360 - I tried it and worked like a charm! (Hence my original comfort in promising such to a customer).  I can also produce MP4s using Camtasia (double-checked this morning)...

Vincent Scoma

Hi Athena,

Thank you for sharing your course file! 

I reviewed your file and was able to publish the course as a Video: 

Since you are coming across a similar snag though, could I have you try a simple repair of Storyline to see if that clears the issue? 

If that doesn't seem to help, please reach out and let us know!