Some of the media in this project cannot be included in this video

Mar 13, 2020

Is there a solution to this issue any where? It is a message I receive when publishing from SL360 to Video.  The animations play - and the audio (embedded in the mp4 imported to the slide) play - but the video (visual) doesn't play. The weird thing is I practiced publishing to video when I first installed SL360 and it worked fine.  

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Zo Cohen

I am getting the same error. The only solution I have found is to log into the computer using and Administrator account. My company does not grant standard Admin rights to our systems. So I tested embedding video logged in as an Admin account, and it worked! I also tried using "Run as Admin" while logged in as myself. I wasn't able to do that.

If anyone has a better solution, that would be helpful. I can't log in as an Admin regularly to do my work -- it was only for troubleshooting purposes.


Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Zo!

I'm sorry you're receiving this error too. From here, I'd like to enlist our support engineers to step in. To better troubleshoot, could you share your project? I've opened a case on your behalf and emailed a private upload link to you. Once we've tested your file, we'll reach out with the next step!

Zo Cohen

Actually, I cannot share the projects I was testing - they are working files I have as part of beta testing IconLogic's upcoming training manual "Storyline360 Beyond the Essentials, 3rd Edition."

I had the same results creating a single slide project as a test and working from the project files provided by IconLogic. Here are more details:

* Same results using iFrame embed HTML and Insert > Web Object.

* After I clicked the publish button, a message displayed saying "Some of the media in this project cannot be included in this video." I tried four different videos. All presented the same message. None of them had anything unusual about them that I noticed.

* Once published, they a solid gray rectangle displayed instead of a video.

* Also, 3m25s video took 17 minutes to encode and a 1m40s video took 15 minutes to encode. My computer exceeds Articulate's minimum specs, only other open program was my browser, and I have a dedicated graphics card.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you,

Matt Steffeck

I am experiencing something similar, in that I am getting this error. While I am getting video there are challenges on my initial slide not displaying certain animations (wipes). For some reason removing and readding the animation has resolved this. 

I did find one interesting thing. My "course" has 2 Scenes. Scene 1 is the intended video. Scene 2 contains a web object. When I publish Scene 1 to video (in other words, without the web object in scene 2), I get the error; however, when I deleted scene 2 and publish to video, there is no problem. 

It would appear that the error is actually truthful "Some of the media in the PROJECT (web object) cannot be included." But if I am not publishing the whole project, why give me this warning?

Andrea Koehntop

Hi, Sushmita. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this error!

We have a bug reported where this error appears if there’s a web object in the project and you are publishing to video. Is that your scenario?

I’ve connected this discussion to the bug report, and I’ll be sure to come back to update you when I have some news.

If this is not what you’re experiencing, please reach out to our support team through a case.

Angela Pinegar

If we send the projects over is there anyone that can resolve it for us with Articulate until the bug is fixed?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Angela,

I'd like to see if deleting all web objects from your project file will allow the course to publish to video as a temporary workaround. Here are the steps that I'd like to test using your project file:

  • Make a copy of your project file
  • Delete all references to web objects in your slides

Would you be willing to upload a copy of your file here or through a support case so I can test if this workaround will work for you? We'll delete it as soon as we're done testing!  

Angela Pinegar

They were too large to email so I uploaded to the support site. Thanks for your help!

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Celeste, 

I wanted to share the information that one of our support engineers shared with Ashley. 

"This behavior is expected. Embedding a video will enable you to access it within the Storyline project while still hosted elsewhere. In this case, the Storyline object acts as a browser to access the embedded video. This means that the format in which you publish the object has to support communicating with the web. Publishing to video doesn't have this capability. You need to import the video directly to Storyline if you intend to publish the project as a video."

If this isn't the behavior you're experiencing, please share more details with us here and we'll be glad to take a closer look!