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Jun 04, 2020

I have images at the very beginning of the timeline of several SL360 projects, each of which I am publishing to video (No animations, no transitions).

When I publish to video, the preview of the MP4 files (particularly when I place it in Rise) sometimes shows these images, and sometimes shows a black screen (the opening image shows a second after you click to play the video). 

I have republished one to video, and it fixed the problem. Other times I republished and it was just the same.

Can anyone explain?

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Katie Riggio

Hi John,

I'm happy to look into this with you. Could you help me with these key details?

  • Does the black screen appear on a specific browser or multiple ones?
  • How does the published MP4 file look on its own? Does the problem happen there, or is it limited to Rise 360?
  • If you can share an affected Storyline file for testing, that would be gold. You can share it through this private upload link.

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