Publishing as xAPI - seeing xAPI comments by default

Dec 09, 2021

I'm getting xAPI statements being sent for each page visit and each interaction used without setting up any of the built in xAPI triggers. How can I turn those defaults off, so I can set up only the specific xAPI triggers I want reported to the LRS? 


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Corey Ashley

Hi Maria,

I know this post is still rather fresh, but I was wondering if there was any update to this topic?

My team and I have run into the same issue where we would like to only see the specific xAPI statements that we have set up and not the default ones for every slide when it's visited/experienced. 

King regards

Mary Gutwein

If I could add my vote for this...I work for a Fortune 100 company with 90,000 employees. Although my team supports only a portion of those employees, there are way too many canned xAPI statements to sort through in order to get meaningful data. Anything you could do to expediate an opt-out for the automatic xAPI statements would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Kliewer

Agree, it would be great to toggle on/off (default off). This especially affects users where the LRS vendor charges based on number of statements or API requests per month (or has a max), or they're running their own LRS and pay for the storage and database directly.

With one client using Veracity, we were able to ignore all of the "experienced" statements for each slide navigation in a particular LRS by using a VQL script.

All Management Tools > Saved Scripts and Queries







Note that this applies to all statements coming into that LRS, but for this use case it saves on a lot of cruft.

I'm very glad to see customizable xAPI now, though! Hope that feature keeps seeing updates/improvements.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Ryan, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

We still don't have an update on this Feature Request, but we'll be sure to let everyone subscribed to this thread know when this feature is released. Here's a quick look at how we handle feature requests, and you can check our roadmap here to see which features are currently in development.