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Jan 18, 2017

We recently had some difficulty obtaining the correct list of employees that should take a course. To address this issue, I was thinking of making our next course have an opt out button if the employee didn't meet criteria (i.e. they could simply click a button). My problem is I'm not sure how to set the publishing reporting options. Obviously those people wouldn't complete the same number of slide as an employee that did take the whole course. I thought about having two quiz results slides (one an actual quiz based on the course content and one would be more of a survey for future reference) but it appears you would have to choose one set of results to register the completion of the course. Any thoughts?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taryn,

You can only pass one result slide or completion method to an LMS, so I'm not sure of a method that would work for your set up if you needed to also gather the results of those employees who completed a quiz (things like the score, how they answered, etc. will be passed when using the particular quiz results as your completion method. 

I hope that folks here in the community are able to share some ideas and strategies with you here, and you may also want to look at posting in the Building Better Courses side of the forums, as that is where more design/how to issues appear. 

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