Storyline and SumTotal LMS posting status

I still cannot get a completion status to post from Storyline to SumTotal LMS v8.2 SP4.  I have a button calling Exit Course after the quiz on the results slide, but no joy.  I have modified the configuratin.js file, trying all 3 options for EXIT_BEHAVIOR (SCORM_RECOMMENDED, ALWAYS_CLOSE, and ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP).  Now the course does run in a new window, but I would think the one the options mentioned above would work.  The weird thing is that is I call Submit Results instead of Exit Course on the button, then just manually close the course window, the status does post to the LMS, however this is not intuitive to the user.

Any suggestions???

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Brian Allen

Hello Jonathan - check out this thread and see if using the technique Holly details works for you as well:

We use SumTotal as well, we're on v8.7.  Anytime you want to bounce some ideas/questions around just send me a note!