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Ana Victória

I really need some help guys :(

I'm having publishing issues in all my courses: mostly it seams the timeline doesn't advance, so sound, animations, etc. don't show (just the first second). In some other cases everything shows ok but not the sound.

When I do preview everything plays excellent but when published... :(



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ana!  

Sorry you are having difficulty with your project.  This is not a known problem with our latest update.  You mentioned that you are having difficulty with multiple files, so you may want to check out this article that goes through various troubleshooting as well as a repair if needed. If this doesn't seem to work, please submit a case so that we can look further into your issue.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melanie,

This discussion is a bit older, and well before Storyline 3, so let's start from scratch! 

You created courses in Storyline 2, that you've now upgraded into Storyline 3, and they won't publish? Do you see an error message when trying to publish or does it freeze, or something else?

Have you confirmed that you were editing and publishing to a local drive as described here. ?