Publishing Problems with story.html Output

I have been working with Storyline 2 to create a series of simple modules with audio overlaid on PowerPoint and limited branching as well as quizzing interactivity. The goal is to distribute the published file to be supported on browsers that use HTML5 and those that still support Flash, and to enable enhanced mobile viewing by prompting users to download the Articulate Mobile Player.

Each time I publish a file, I check the box to include HTML5 output and use Articulate Mobile Player. I uncheck the box to allow downloading for offline viewing, as per internal business processes.

My company uses the FileZilla application to upload files for hosting on the cachefly server, and then we link the relevant files to Blackboard Learn. With each published output from Storyline, my process is to upload the entire contents of the published output folder to cachefly, and then, per instructions from the Articulate Support article entitled "How to Distribute Articulate Storyline Content for Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player," to link the renamed story.html file to Blackboard.

I have a few published files that seem to be corrupted in some way. When I initially publish these files in Storyline and select the option to view the project, each one opens in my browser (Firefox by default, but I've also tested in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) without issue and all of the audio plays. However, once I upload the published output to cachefly and view the link to the story.html file, it doesn't open. Strangely, the link the HTML5 output for each of these files does open, but audio doesn't populate on every item; in each one, audio is missing randomly from certain slides or objects. For example, on the second slide in the HP3 Investments output, audio on plays on the hover for only two of the four learning objectives.  I have followed this exact same publish and upload process in the past without this issue. Support representatives at cacehfly say they do not see the same problem on their end.

I have attached the source file for each one of these modules. Also, I've included the links to the published outputs that are not working at all:

Here are the links to the HTML5 outputs that are only partially working in terms of audio:

Any insight the community can provide is greatly appreciated, as these modules need to be made available to learners within a week.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristen!

We typically advise users to share the story.html file as explained here, which will allow Storyline to determine the best way to view the content as explained here.

Also, please be sure that you are viewing in a supported environment as specified here.

Do you see or experience an issue with my published output?