Publishing Storyline HTML5 content to Adobe Connect LMS

When publishing Storyline content to the Adobe Connect LMS, the instructions from Storyline Product Support say to "Rename the index_lms.html file to index.html" and then zip the files and manually upload them. This works fine of course. BUT, when I publish the HTML5 content as well, I also end up with a file named index_lms_html5.html. Does anyone know if this file's name needed the "_lms" removed as well?

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Keith Mudd

I have tried to both leave it as is and rename it, but with the HTML5 files included, the Storyline content just does not want to run correctly on the Adobe Connect server (using AICC, since that's what that LMS system is compatible with.) It runs fine without the HTML5 files AND the Flash content runs o.k. on a PC, but it won't run the HTML5 on a mobile device that's not running Flash.

IF you only publish for the Web (not for LMS) and upload it to the Adobe Connect server, it runs fine on a mobile device. It just doesn't like the LMS files and HTML5 files together. My IT guys say that it looks like the Java Script isn't succesfully pointing the browser to the correct Story file (either story.html or story_html5.html). Of course it has no problem running it on Articulate Online...

Karla Tranfield

I realize the initial question was posed a couple years ago. I am currently testing Storyline on the Adobe Connect LMS, and it is working well without changing any file names. A few years ago we got Articulate Studio and I had to publish in AICC and change a filename. But with the current trial version of Storyline, I am just publishing in Scorm1.2 and not changing any filenames. And my quizzes are working fine – they report correctly. Was there an improvement to Storyline? Am I missing something? I need to recommend the way forward for my team, so I need to know the limitations of Storyline working nicely with Connect.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karla,

There have been a few updates to Storyline since the initial question, so a lot of improvements and fixes for bug issues. You can see all the release notes for each update here and they detail what was fixed.  Publishing for AICC is also an older publishing method, so the update to Scorm 1.2 may have also helped with the issue. Since it sounds like you've tested a course from Storyline and all is working as expected, I'd expect that to be the norm.