Adobe Connect and HTML5/Player content

I published a course for Adobe Connect. Here's the problem.

This course has a video. After watching the use checks a box and when the result slide comes up, the course is considered complete. Everything works beautifully in Scorm Cloud.

The problem is Adobe Connect considers the course complete when it first starts - IF - I don't include HTML5/Storyline player content when I publish.

If I DO include HTML5/Storyline player content, it works properly.

I'd like to limit HTML5 content, so does anyone know why this might be happening?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for letting us know that you tested and were unable to replicate via SCORM Cloud.

Sound like it may be an issue with the LMS, so hopefully some of your fellow users will chime in to assist or you may want to reach out directly to your LMS with the comparison as well.

Lisa Heyden

Hi Leslie,

This is actually what got me in trouble. I don't use Adobe Connect, a client does. I had no idea it wasn't working until she reached out to me with the problem. 

This all started because the HTML versions include a scrubber when playing a video and my client wants that disabled. I may yet have to come up with a solution for that, too.

Thanks for your response!