Storyline 1 - Flash 19

Nov 03, 2015

I have a problem that blocks me in my work. I use the authoring software Articulate Storyline one that works with Flash. Yesterday, because of the use of Adobe Connect I had to update to Flash Player 19. When I start the software Articulate Storyline 1, it no longer recognizes Flash Player ... software no longer works. I need to use Articulate Storyline and Adobe Connect ... what do I do?

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Steve Prud'Homme CSDL

I managed to uninstall Flash Player and the chrome browser. I found an old version of flash on: I can now use Articulate Storyline except that I can not use Adobe Connect. I would like to find a way to use with Flash Player 19 Articulate Storyline 1 ... I await your news.
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