Publishing Storyline to LMS to play on HTML5 on Windows IE8

Does anyone have any advice on successfully publishing a story including video clips to an LMS for playing on HTML5 running on Internet Explorer 8?  Currently getting an error message: 'Unsupported Browser: The HTML5 player does not currently support this web browser.'

The story plays in Flash but there is some degradation in quality over Citrix.

Any thoughts on the above issues?

Many thanks!

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, G.

Most of the features in HTML5 won't be supported by IE8. is a neat site for testing your browser's support for HTML5.  In a recent test, IE 8 scored a total of 32 points out of 400.

Here is a handy compatibility chart.  Google Chrome is going to produce the absolute best results for HTML5.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

G Dian

Hmmm!!  That's a setback!  I don't know many big corporates who update their browsers and in my experience IE8 is not uncommon!  My client uses IE8 and I understand gets perfectly good results with e-learning designed using another authoring tool - which seems odd if IE8 doesn't support HTML5!

Any thoughts on how I can get round this as Storyline is my authoring tool of choice?!!!

Justin Grenier

Hello again, G.

IE 8's lack of support for HTML5 is not an Articulate-specific issue.  The other authoring tool that you speak of must be outputting to Flash, or possibly some sort of video format.

Citrix's whole purpose in life is to limit the bandwidth utilization between Client and Server, so I'm not surprised that there might be some degradation of video quality over Citrix.

I see in an older post here where someone had better luck with WMVs and MP4s via Citrix.

G Dian

Thank, Justin.  I understand!  You have been very helpful and I have to do more 'digging' with my client to find out exactly what they are in fact doing!

They're definitiely not using video though otherwise they would be completely losing any interactivity.

I'm now perplexed over quality degradation over citrix because I know they stream rather than use wmvs - through perhaps they do use mp4s ...  again, I need to check!

Thanks again - you have at least primed me with some questions to ask!!!!"