Publishing Storyline to Wordpress LMS Issues

Jun 18, 2013

Hi, I've been trying to figure out a workaround to publish my Storyline projects to my Wordpress site and obtain user data.  I've recently purchased and installed LearnDash, SaltBox, Grassblade.  I am able to publish Storyline to my site, but there's a limitation with Saltbox LRS which says that "There is a known Tin Can API issue with Storyline so the results are unreadable until Storyline updates with Tin Can API v1.0 support. Storyline is not providing activity descriptions and names in their Tin Can results data."  

So, in other words, this won't work until Storyline updates to Tin Can API v 1.0.  

Two questions:

1. Is Storyline in the process of updating to Tin Can API v. 1.0, and if so, what is the ETA?

2. Are there other alternatives short of rewriting all Storyline project quizzes directly into LearnDash?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Melanie!

Storyline uses Version 0.9 of the Tin Can API specification. We do plan on supporting Version 1.0, but we don't have any time frame as to when it'll be implemented.

I'm afraid that I haven't used LearnDash, personally, so I'm not able to give any suggestions for that particular system. There are a few discussions out there like this one and this one, though, that might help you out. 

Thanks and good luck with the project, Melanie!


Ali Shahrazad


We have a temporary fix for so that Storyline can work with Wax LRS and other LMS tools/plugins like LearnDash and Grassblade! You can use this free Storyline converter: so that Storyline xAPI (Tin Can) v0.9 packages will now include activity names (no more urn:dummy links in Wax LRS). A few easy steps...

1 - Publish your xAPI Storyline course to a zip file.

2 - Upload your course package (zip file) to the website above.

3 - Wait for an email with a link to the new course. Download it.

4 - Upload your new course package to Grassblade/LearnDash.

This way, the reports in Wax LRS look much better and your Storyline courses now have names (no more urn:dummy links). Please email if you have any issues or questions. 

Thank you,


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