How well does Storyline work with LearnDash/GrassBlade in 2016?

May 25, 2016

I will be uploading a set of Storyline 2 courses to my client's WordPress site this summer, but without an LMS, we're trying to sort out simple tracking options. We're considering using the LearnDash plug-in (and potentially GrassBlade, if needed) to work with Storyline 2 output (now supporting Tin Can API 1.0 -- yay!)

I've seen several discussions about LearnDash and GrassBlade here, but most describe implementation problems. While this concerns me, you would expect to see problems discussed in a support forum. Many of these discussions are a few years old, too. I'm just not seeing many reports from people happy with their choice.

So is there anyone out there who has built a Storyline 2 course that is working effectively with these products?

Can you describe what has worked/what hasn't worked?

Has LearnDash alone been enough to permit launching, tracking and marking courses as complete, or did you need to add GrassBlade components? (I'm in Canada, and when you start converting the prices listed on the site for all these items, the costs really start racking up.)


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Mary Lacroix

I forgot to include this link:

This looks to be a wonderful source, but the thread is three years old, refers to older versions of the software, and the link to the tutorial and quick reference guide is dead.

Pankaj Agrawal

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