Oct 10, 2014

Hi we currently produce on-line courses through storyline, then publish to Moodle could we use LearnDash as it seems to be better for our training courses.



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steve carlson

We are using LearnDash along with GrassBlade LRS.  It is all still rather experimental for us, as I am continuing to ramp it up. I have been watching and experimenting in this space for over a year and now I am really starting to put things together with LearnDash as we speak. I am hoping to switch completely over to LearnDash and GrassBlade LRS and GrassBlade Companion plug-in in January. I would definitely suggest you look into it.

Lisa Smyser

I'm testing that feature now. Using Grassblade LRS marks the course complete and the button goes away, you don't have to click it. I believe you can turn it off altogether, but then I don't think you'll be able to award badges automatically, if that's something you're doing.

I left the Mark Complete button there and added my own Start Lesson button above it in a different color, and it works fine. And FYI, a learner can't just click the Mark Complete button without taking the course. It will not actually mark complete if they haven't completed the xAPI requirements of the storyline file.

So far, I'm happy with the support from both LearnDash and Grassblade.

Lisa Smyser

Yes, Tin Can with storyline. The xAPI screen gives you an option to upload your own button or use text. It's very easy and right on the setup screen for the Grassblade xAPI content. Then in the LearnDash lesson, you just point to the xAPI content to include (from the Meta box). 

I have one issue remaining... I open my course in a new window, and when the learner closes it, they return to the launch screen with the MARK COMPLETE button still showing. If I refresh the screen, it goes away. So I'm talking with Grassblade about extending the interface to refresh the screen when I exit my course. It sounds like they can do that.

Lisa Smyser

First the troubleshooting was with LearnDash. Then we realized that the page refresh would need to happen as the course is closed, and that involved the LearnDash/Grassblade interface.

We're still working out the details about how it will work - because there are options such as opening in a new tab/window, lightbox, or on the page, and we could refresh every time the course module is closed, or upon using the EXIT button in the storyline module.

The Grassblade developer will do the customization and provide an additional plugin for now, then perhaps include the code in a later version of Grassblade LRS. I'm paying for expediting the customization, but the fee is very reasonable because he will reuse the code.

Lisa Smyser

Hi Yan,

I've been working with Grassblade on this, and in our last conversation, Pankaj was going to test removing the mark complete button entirely when using xAPI.

Until then the javascript code does refresh the page as you close the course, and the button goes away automatically. It didn't require a plugin after all.


Yan C

Yup, I saw the posts yesterday and noticed it was only up from last week so I figured it was the resolution.

My coworker showed me in the css to add ( #sfwd-mark-complete>input{ ) and just hid it with (display:none;) to make sure it is not visible. Did not want to mess with any other functions in the back end.

Everything else seemed to be working fine still. It still refreshes the page as you close the course.


Try adding this at the bottom of the css editor in wordpress

                    display: none;

I had to refresh a couple times as the page seemed to be cached.

Pankaj Agrawal

We will probably remove the Mark Complete button when Completion Tracking is enabled, in a future GrassBlade version.

Just to make things clear, when Completion Tracking is enabled, Mark Complete button actually does nothing but only helps in moving to NEXT progressive step ie. Next Lesson, Topic or Quiz. Thats all. 



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