Wordpress, LearnDash and Quizmaker (tincan) - Revival

Jul 06, 2015

Hi folks similar questions have been asked about this combo on this forum but many answers are stale(old) or not sufficiently specific.

So here it goes:

We are currently hoting a Quizmaker `13 quiz on Moodle 2.0. Moodle is overkill for our needs, all we require is students to take a quiz, have the results reported with a maximum attempt limit of 2. None of the many other functions of Moodle. And... we find Moodle very user-unfriendly and unintuitive from a management standpoint.

Came across Learndash.
Has anyone used this combo and from your experience, would this be a good direction to take for our requirements?


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Lisa Smyser

Hi Gilles,

I also started with Moodle but found it to be bulky. LearnDash will work with your needs. You'll also need an LRS. I went with Grassblade because it integrates to mark lessons complete for you, and it's a good product also.

LearnDash/WordPress have lots of group features for managing access to courses. I don't know your requirements specifically, but from what you said here it looks like LearnDash will work for you.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


gilles gagnon

Thanks so much Lisa. A few questions:

  1. With this combo, can you limit the number of attempts to pass the quiz to say... two? That is, A pass is 90% and if a user doesn't get this grade with two attempts, he can no longer attempt the quiz until an admin resets the attempts?
  2. Have you tried this with QuizMaker (tincan output/render)?


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