Publishing to 360 instead of an LMS

I have published two courses onto 360 to enable the stakeholders to provide feedback on individual slides. The problem I'm seeing is that the stakeholders are reporting issues with the audio. For example, one person said that the beginning portion of the audio on a slide was cut off. Another noted that the volume was too low on another slide.

When I listen to the slides in question, I am not hearing the issues reported.

Anyone having audio issues when publishing to 360?



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Traci P

I've had this happen too. There are also times in review where if someone goes away from the slide for too long and returns the audio doesn't play. I have also had clients report that the screens are inconsistently blurry in the review site on different days with different viewers. 

We have started doing our final approval for some items based on reviewing in Scorm Cloud instead.

I love the review site and use it up until the last moment for reviews. I would love to know if there is a reason why these things happen so that I can better explain to reviewers to prepare them for bugs they may see in Review but that don't exist for local or other LMS type publishes.