Publishing to Amazon S3 - new uploads not working

May 24, 2018

Recently when uploading the published output to Amazon s3 we are not able to view content. (loading animation just spins on a blank screen) Previously uploaded courses are still working fine, also the courses work if we upload to our servers.  It does not seem to be an articulate issue, but if anyone has insights into recent changes to Amazon s3 that may be causing this it would be appreciated.



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Jon Jasperson

Hi Michael,

I use the management console as well, through Chrome so I can upload whole folders.  Haven't run into any previous issues.  Thanks for uploading the test. I was able to see it. 

I was able to upload a sample new project without problems:

I'll keep testing and adding and removing elements until I can get something to break. 




Jon Jasperson

I am making some progress on this, and wanted to post my findings for others.  It seems when I upload the published content to AWS and try to do a bulk "Make Public" certain files, particularly .js & .swf files are not getting set to public. 

When I run the output in Chrome I am using the "Inspect" window (right clicking on output or Ctrl+Shift+I) which is telling me which files amazon is still treating as forbidden.  By working through the files and making them public individually and then refreshing I am able to get the courses to work fine on AWS. 

I'll update more if I can find out why the batch "Make Public" is not working with all .js and .swf files, but at least Articulate is not the issue. 


Jodi M. Sansone

Hi Michael,

I was just reading  your comments on this thread and thought you might be a good person to ask since you've helped me before.  I use an S3 account and upload my courses via Cloudberry  (I followed Tom Kuhlman's instructions).   The AWS dashboard area intimidates me. :)

I'm a little confused about all the commentary I've been reading about HTML5 output.  When I publish a course to my S3 account now and issue a public link to my course, should I use the story.html link or story_html5.html link?  Does it matter?  I've been reading about how HTML5 provides better experiences across different devices, but I don't think I understand all the implications.

Any thoughts on this?  Thanks for all your insights.

Michael Hinze

Here is some info about publishing options (see under step 3). Linking to story_html5.html will always display the HTML5 version of your content. Linking to story.html may display the Flash version, the HTML5 version, or launch the Player App; depending on the capabilities of the desktop/device browser you use and which publishing options you had selected.

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