Publishing to iPads via LMS


I am trying to publish courses to use on PC, laptop and iPad via our LMS.

Currently having trouble with the player and story sizes as it seems to cut off the bottom of the course on the iPad. At the moment I am using a story size of 1024x768 and I've lost count of the different combinations of browser setting I've used in the player properties.

All advice welcome!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Suzanne,

Just curious - how are you publishing for the iPad? Are you including both the HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player or just one of the options? If one, which? If both, which URL (.html or html5) are you accessing for the course? 

Browser size settings are actually not supported in mobile - so if you're making adjustments here, that may be why you're not seeing a difference:

This chart covers the features that are supported in Flash, HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile Player output.

It may also help to take a look at this popular discussion:

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Suze,

If you're publishing for both, you'll want to have "Include HTML5 output" and "Include Articulate Mobile Player on iPad". 

When you access the .html link, the Articulate Mobile Player will launch on the iPad.

When you access the .html5 link, the Safari browser should open the course.

You'll need to navigate through the files you've uploaded to your LMS to find the location/URL of the files. This will vary from LMS to LMS, so I'm afraid I can't say exactly where you'll find it. It should be in the directory you choose when you upload the files, however. 

Once you have that link, you can share it with others. Depending on the link you share, they'll either see it in the browser on their iPad or through AMP. The same goes with viewing it on a PC, too - if you share the .html file, learners will see the Flash version. If you share the HTML5 URL, they'll see the HTML5 content. 

I know it's a little confusing, but hopefully this helps!

Suze Ashford-Barnes


Sorry, I only want to publish to LMS, we don't use the mobile player and have no plans to do so. I just want to get the slide to fit neatly on the iPad screen. Are you saying that to do this I need to publish to LMS, upload it, then find the link and send that to people? So they won't be able to access the courses directly via the LMS?


Chad Friedrich


Looks like you are using the Net dimensions LMS like us, we are experiencing the same thing (where the bottom of the courses are cutoff) when launched with HTML5 on the i Pad, this only happens though when launched in landscape mode, if you launch the course in portrait mode it seems to size OK as long as you keep the iPad in portrait mode when viewing (not very desirable).  This is even when publishing courses with the latest updates of storyline.  Update 5 was supposed to correct issues with animation timing in HTML 5, but they actually got worse after we republished courses to the Net D LMS.  All of the courses behave like they should on scorm cloud, but for some reason they don't play nice with the HTML 5 output through the Net D LMS. As of now they do not support tin can API.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chad,

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and sharing that information. 


Can you let us know if the information Chad shared about the LMS helps with your current project? It sounds like the trouble may be specific to the LMS with HTML5 output and landscape mode. I'm curious to hear if switching to portrait helps or at least resolves the issue where the content is being cut off.


Suze Ashford-Barnes

Hi Chad

Apologies, I have only just picked this response up. Yes we are using Net Dimensions and I have also tried the talent slate app but the navigation controls don't work correctly, if you change orientation they just stop working completely. Just accessing via Safari the modules will work perfectly in portrait, but landscape is a huge issue.

I think version 10 something will support Tin Can but we are going through the process of upgrading to 9.3 at the moment so 10 is a while away for us.

If you do happen to come up with a solution please let me know! If I mange to fix it, I will update straight away.

Thank you for responding, its appreciated and good luck!


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Joanne,

Sorry to hear that you are running into a problem as well.

This thread is a bit dated and it seems that much of the conversation here was related to the specific LMS. 

We have an article here specific to publishing your content for a mobile viewing.

Are you able to replicate the issue you are having if you upload the content to SCORM Cloud or is the issue limited to your LMS?