Publishing to Word - Not Working

Feb 18, 2016


I am trying to publish a SL2 project to Word. I press publish, it starts to create the output file in the designated spot but the blue circle keeps spinning. No Word output is produced. I am running SL2 update 7 on windows 8.1 pc with Word 2016.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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John Morley

Same problem all of a sudden, after this has been working fine for years. And even works on a different Storyline file. In the problem file, it goes through the motions, and it even ends with a dialog box stating the Word file has been created. But it has not. And the folder where it should appear is empty.

I created a new Storyline file, imported all of the slides, and it now prints a Word file.

The Storyline 360 versions used were: