Publishing video in Storyline

Aug 21, 2013

I am having problems with publishing a 2 minute movie trailer in Storyline and towards the end I have a hyperlink that fades in/out for people to click (yes I have made sure the hyperlink text box layer is above the video layer). I have tried 2 different file formats for the video (.wmv and .mp4). 

After inserting the video and creating a hyperlink to appear towards the end of the video into Storyline and publishing for the Web I have had a few people test the trailer before placing it into a SharePoint site.

The results happen to be a couple people can view the video and 1 of the 2 people say the hyperlink appears when it should, whereas the other says that it appears throughout the credits of the trailer.

2 other people say that when they start the trailer all they get is a blank white screen.

Anyone know what the issue is?

Thanks in advance,


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S. Yu

I'm currently working on a video module for use in IE8 - my team had to use JW Player with an amended javascript file that would wrap the player in a flash player if played in IE8, therwise it would just show a blank screen where the video was supposed to play. In other browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and IE9, it would work fine without the javascript file. 

I'm not sure about your issue with the linked text box showing up at different times. 

Video can be so tricky! I definitely had a ton of problems with this one.

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