Pull Image from Image Database?

Jul 07, 2022

I'm wondering what the best way to recall an image from a collection of images would be.

Let’s say I have 10 teams and they each have their own logo, but each team shares a similar “Team Member Profile” page that lists their vital info. I want the proper team logo to populate along with some other info such as their names, etc.

I do not want to create a separate page for each member, but instead have all this data—team logo, their profile picture, their job title, etc.--all pull from a database of sorts.

Is this possible?

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Walt Hamilton

Assuming you have built some method for them to identify themselves, you can use states:

Change state of LogoGraphic to HR when timeline starts on this slide if IDVariable = HR (or 1).

Using JS to find the correct team would be easy.  From there, it would be much easier to use states and triggers. Changing one graphic for another with JS would take a lot more.

As for accessing a dynamic database (you could change a name in a text file, and the team roster would change), I'm not sure how much work that would take in JS, but I think it would be easier making a page for each.

Math Notermans