Pulsing / Flashing Animation causing delay with audio on slide - Storyline 360

Hello All,

I created a looping flashing/pulsing animation on a slide and its causing the entire slide to delay.  The slide works great initially but midway through it starts to slow down, my fade in text animation starts to delay, and the timeline doesn't end when the audio ends.  I have checked everything.  Has anyone else encounter this issue?  Its really frustrating as I have tested in Articulate Review, locally and our Pilot site and all work the same way.  I followed this method for creating the flashing/ pulsing animation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


 Thank you,


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Katie Riggio

Hey, Sasha! I can help, and have a few questions to start:

  • What Storyline 360 build are you using? To find the build detail, click the Help tab > then click About Storyline
  • Would you be willing to share your slide with us, so we can take a look at the triggers? We'll also run some tests and let you know what we find!