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I'm trying to create a zoom effect to show more information using a main slide and individual slides with the zoom region effect.

It's sort of working how I want it to, with some finessing required, however when it returns to the main slide (resume saved state) there is a delay to show the main slide objects.

This is hard to explain without seeing it so I've attached the story file.

Additionally, I want some of the text and information to show when the trigger is visited but not until the user returns to the main slide. Currently its flashing up before showing the zoom slide. Is there anyway to delay this?


Appreciate any help on my cumbersome question!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Rachel!  Not cumbersome at all....I saw a light, colorful and engaging way to present a process.  Great work!  🌈

I made a few adjustments to your project, so have a look at the attached modified file and see if you like it.  I changed the first step, Planning:

  • Instead of having a trigger to change the Planning text to normal when the Planning item is visited, I used a variable.  When the user clicks Planning and visits the first content slide, I set a trigger to adjust a True/False variable, planning, to True.  I added a trigger to the menu slide to change the Planning text to normal when the timeline starts IF planning is True.  I like using variables and "timeline start" triggers better than "when state changes" because it fires more reliably, and only when you want it to fire.
  • On the Planning content slide, I made all of the slide objects show until the end of the timeline, except for the zoom region.  I let the zoom region end a little early so it will zoom back out.  The effect is that the learners zoom out, and then the text just changes slightly, rather than disappearing.
  • I deleted the animations applied to the Offer and Notice period objects on the Planning slide.  I'm guessing you copied the objects from the menu slide, and all of their associated animations and triggers came along.  Likewise, I deleted the unnecessary, "unassigned" triggers.  That might just be my meticulous "clean" slide policy in overdrive, but it's easier to work with less distractions!

If that's the right direction for you, hopefully you can follow suit on the rest of the steps and get your project closer to where you'd like it to be!  Again, I think it looks great, and we're always happy to help.

Rachel Lange

Hi Crystal,

Thank you SO much! I haven't got my head around variables much yet and this is a great example of how to use them, thank you. I will definitely continue on with all these changes. I think it has taken out some of the clunkiness when returning to the main slide so hopefully by the time I do all of them it is a bit slicker.

Really appreciate you doing the changes in the file AND including the dot point explanation. It has made it really easy for me to understand.


Rachel Lange

Hi Crystal,

I don't know what timezone you are in but I have my fingers crossed that it's day time!

For some reason my story is now requiring me to click the "zoom out" button twice (not a double click but two separate clicks) in order to zoom out (or resume the timeline potentially.

I've removed some of the triggers (two unnecessary ones and one state change on the button - I've got it coming in at 0.5seconds instead and it's still requiring two clicks.

I think it was working before but it's not now. The only thing I have changed is doing the latest storyline software update..

I'll upload the file separately shortly.



Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rachel, 

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress.

Not being able to consistently replicate is always a challenging issue to track down, so I certainly feel your pain.

If you need us to take another look, feel free to share your current .story file and the steps to (hopefully) replicate.

Rachel Lange

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry for the delay I was launching the program and then found I couldn't look at it again for a little while. The needing to click on the zoom out button twice is happening in this preview for some circles and as I tested before, in Chrome for some and Firefox for others. Perhaps you can help me to simplify my triggers?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachel!

Thanks for sending over your file -- here's a quick video of my testing in Chrome. As you can see, I only had to click the close button once on each slide. 

If you find that you have to click more than once, it could be because you clicked the close button before the timeline reaches 2 seconds. The close button will only work to resume the timeline only after the timeline is paused at 2 seconds. 

Try testing your file again, and this time, wait a few seconds before clicking the close button. Do you see an improvement?