Trouble hiding pulsing elements.

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I've been struggling with 'pulsing' elements for a while now. I've used a technique found on here whereby two shapes are stacked, the top one is semi-transparent, and acts as the button. While the bottom shape, (which includes a drop-shadow) has a looping animation where it fades in and out between the 'hidden' and 'normal' states.

This has worked for me so far, so good.

My problem is that I want to be able to hide this 'button-stack' when the button is pressed - sounds simple enough, and it works on the top shape in the stack - but because of the looping animation, the bottom, pulsing shape - carries on doing its thing...

The example might explain better than I have...

Any thoughts?

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Kyle Mullaney

This is cool!

  1. Move away from an action being dependent on an object's state. Rather, make actions dependent on variables. i.e. when variable X is 3 actions A, B, C happen. Clicks will set variables.
    That will help a lot. In fact, I think you could solve it by using variables not object state dependencies. I'd have to sit and churn on that but I'd be happy to talk you through it. I think you could start and stop the pulse that way.
  2. Just insert a "cover" or "shim" between the two objects: main button and pulse. See the attached file. The cover is hidden and clicking the button changes it's state.
    I use this trick for a lot of things.
Kyle Mullaney

Phil that took a minute to get but it is genius. Nothing need be on the layer. The layer simply needs to have the unwanted objects hidden. Yes, that is brilliantly simple. I actually only discovered I could choose what to hide on the base layer last week. Been using Storyline for 3 years and only just discovered it.

Matt Miles

Kyle - thanks for replying!

2. looks like it might work for the majority of instances where this is required - in fact I may have used it once or twice to get me out of a jam! I'm so new to this, that I've often forgotten what I've learnt already! The fact that you use this technique makes it feel like less of a hack! Thank you!

1. Variables eh?! Ooooh... Ummm... I was hoping not to have to delve into those just yet - but I get the impression it will open up a lot of options for me going forward! Any chance you can send me in the right direction for some useful 'getting started with Variables' material? Would be gratefully appreciated!

Matt Miles
Phil Mayor

Kyles variable method is the best IMHO but for only a small number of objects you can show a layer that hides objects on the base layer using the timeline.

Thanks, Phil - I totally forgot about this technique too... I've got to wrap my brain around how to organise my stacks of layers so that I'm showing what I need to in sequence - but this will help me a lot too!