Punctuation marks missing while viewing in Google Chrome

Jul 19, 2017


I've just published a module for web, and while viewing it in Google Chrome, I noticed that some punctuation marks were missing, like : and =.

When I view the same module in Internet Explorer, these marks are visible as they should.

Does anyone has an idea of why these marks are missing in Chrome? And how I can make them visible in every browser? :)

Thanks in advance!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nienke!

Thanks for bringing this up and for sharing your file!

From this screenshot, you'll notice that I can see the equal sign (=), but the colon (:) was missing on slide 1. Also, all of the i's are missing, except the ones that are bolded. This only happens in the HTML5 output. All of the characters appear normal in the Flash output. We have had a few other reports of this recently, so I'm going to add your file to our investigation. 


In the mean time, one workaround is to use bold font like I did in this link. You can also enable Flash in your Chrome browser, and view the Flash output instead. 

I'll send you an update once I get more information. Thanks again for bringing this up, and I'm sorry if it's slowing you down!

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