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Aug 23, 2012

Hi All

I want to create a query form at the end of the course, which contains some info about the participants (such as: name, job title, e-mail address, City, country and details of the query). I tried to do this using "Fill in the blank" question, but I faced some challenges:

1- I don't want to have separate slide for each field, I wanna show all the fields in single slide.

2- I want to add a message under each field, which appears only if left blank.

3- some fields are text fields while others are drop down menu.

4- I added 2 buttons; one to submit the form and the other to reset it. But how can I hyperlink the submit button to send the form to my mail address? and how to implement the reset button.

Appreciate your feedback

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Basma Deifalla

It seems I need further help. I successfully created the document and used insert web object and gave it the url of the page,but doesn't it work I get the below message, and in the publish mode i dot white empty screen. Also how to submit this form to any other mail rather than gmail and how can I reset it??

Basma Deifalla

Sorry Phil for bothering u, I already shared it. I can enter text in the editing mode of articulate, but when i published the project i got nothing also in the preview mode. Please I attached this part of the project if you can help.

And still I'm wondering can we submit this form to any other mail rather than gmail and how can I reset it??

Phil Mayor

really wont submit to another email, it is google docs after all.  I wouild check out the tutorial the sharing is an issue with the document not the story file.  Make sure you are embedding the form and not the document

This is my link



Basma Deifalla

thank you Peter, the tutorial is very clear. I already created the form in articulate, but the major problem I faced was with the drop down lists. It was ok for a list with only 2 or 3 options, but for a list with 200 country to select from is impossible, because I've to create a separate layer for each country an add triggers for each. can i find another solution for this? I already have VBA with countries drop down list can I use it inside articulate slide?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gustaf,

You can add an email trigger that will open a new email message, but you'll want to be aware that there are certain requirements that must be met by each user’s computer for the trigger to function properly:

  • The user must have an email client installed (for example, Microsoft Outlook), and they must have an account configured in the program.
  • The email client program must allow JavaScripts and HTML submits. Some programs, like Lotus Notes and Groupwise, do not allow these features.  Therefore, they will not work.

Also, you'll need to place an email within the trigger as shown - so it would be specific per teacher.  Are the student's uploading their videos anywhere else, such as Schooltube.com? You could then instruct them to place a hyperlink to the video within your Google form. 

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