Question About Copying a Slide with Multiple Data Entry fields

Dec 18, 2015

I am working on a project involved in doing different calculations depending on which of seven different contracts are being used.  I completed one which works great.  My thinking was that I could copy this one slide and then make adjustments for the other contracts.  I understand that the naming of the data entry fields changes when you copy but what is odd is that when I publish and view most of the data fields do not appear at all and the functionality doesn't work (but it works fine on the slide that I copied from).  Any thoughts on why this is happening and suggestions to most efficiently copy for want of another word the data entry functionality of one slide to others.  I am using Articulate Storyline 2. 

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Tim Clifton

Hi, yes I am referring to how it behaves in the intended environment.  I don't want to share this and it is very complicated as you can see from the screen captures below.  The first one is the working one.  I then copied this slide and thought I could then tweak it for the purposes of the next contract but as you can see a number of data fields are not displaying.  In addition, I realize that it renames the data fields but not the variables of course.  Obviously I could create each one from scratch if necessary but was wondering if there is a more efficient method.  Thank you for any insights.  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tim -- Thanks for the additional information and if I am understanding what you are hoping to achieve correctly, you may find some suggestions of use on this thread that seems to be asking a similar question. Please let me know if that do will the trick for you, and perhaps others in the community can also chime in with some suggestions. :)

Tim Clifton

Thanks for the suggestion, but it's asking a different question.  These different pages I am creating are independent of each other based on a type of contract.  The intent is that they will be branched onto the right slide through a series of questions.  One thing that I did see is that if you delete data fields and then control Z it re pastes the the data fields and I can then see them at least when published.  However, it automatically renames the data fields which makes more work and given the complexity of this I may just create each one from scratch unless anyone has another suggestion.  

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