Question about numeric quiz question with decimals ending in 0

Hi all,

Maybe someone can help me with this:

My client has a few numeric questions where the user needs to enter the answer in the text box.

The issue is that they want the user to enter 3 decimal points where needed, even if the third decimal is a 0. That is, if the correct answer is 6.340 and the user types in 6.34 that should be marked incorrect, but SL marks it as correct as it does not consider the 0 (if the third decimal is any other number it's ok, it's just when the third decimal is a zero).

Is there any way around this? I am going to try and get into the code and see if there is anything to do there, but any other input would be greatly appreciated.



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Veronica Budnikas

OK, I read a few more posts and got around it with the simple yet brilliant solution provided by Barb Herman in this post: HERE .

Just changed my numeric quiz questions to text entry questions, so if I want the correct answer to be '6.340' and not '6.34' then a text entry instead of a numeric question will do that.

Still, I know lots of people have requested this feature, so any news Articulate folks on improving this functionality?

Cheers, Veronica