Question about recording screen and creating screencasts

The newbie here again with another question! I am watching the Screencasts and Software Simulations tutorial (#19). Here is the link:  ... as I watch him show how to record what he's doing in PowerPoint, I have a problem. I currently am using a Mac (and believe it or not, I figured out myself watching another tutorial how to install Parallels then Storyline so I could learn this amazing software!) BUT of course, my version of PowerPoint is a Mac version of Office installed on a Mac...I don't believe I can use the Storyline recording option to record PP when PP will only work on the Mac side of my screen :( Does anyone know if it's possible??? THANK you so much!

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Thank you for your reply, Leslie...I do think I've read since I posted this question that I would need a version for the Windows side. Blah! :( I did figure out to use Quicktime to record the screencast, but that's not as great as being able to use everything Storyline offers. Thanks again!