question about state changes

Aug 30, 2012

Okay, so, I have a question about 'states' of an object.

What's the technical answer on why you can't add triggers, buttons, hotspots and markers to an object when you're editing its state?


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Phil Mayor

Probably because they will not work within states

For buttons and markers these have states, so there would be nested states which is not supported, not sure why you would need a hotspot (actually I don't know why you would ever need a hotspot I much prefer a transparent shape much more flexible because it can have states).

You can put triggers within states (create a shape add some triggers and then copy and paste into a state) they just don't work.  You can also create some really strange things doing this, I had some sort of perpetual animation happen once.

Thinking about buttons it may be possible to copy a button and paste it into a state, would be interesting to see what happened

Jesse Spinella

Perpetual animation could be fun if it were intended, lol.

I have text on slides throughout a project I'm working on that uses hotspots to highlight each sentence as you roll over them. Helps identify each sentence since they're numbered.

You mentioned using a transparent shape instead of a hotspot, when would you use that?

Copying and pasting a button seems to work in a new state, but not creating a new one from scratch. Huh. Hadn't tried that before.

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