Question about suspend_data and Internet Explorer

Aug 25, 2014

We have client that came back to us with this question after testing a Storyline course on their LMS:


"...(we) have found that the SCORM cmi.suspend_data has a value within FireFox and Chrome but not within Internet Explorer. We found this behavior within KeyStone OnDemand as well as in This indicates that the course is not setting the suspend_data properly.

It is apparent that the cmi.core.lesson_status value is being set based on the cmi.suspend_data value. If there is no suspend_data, the lesson_status remains at "Incomplete"."


I don't fully understand what this means or how we can go about fixing it. Can anybody shed some light on this issue for us. Thanks!

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Scott Schmeer

Thank you Leslie and Ashley for your replies!

Apparently this issue only occurs with IE. The course was originally created in an earlier version of Storyline but we are editing and publishing the course from the most recent version.

I will get back with my client about the other questions and let you know. Thanks for your help.

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