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I would like users to be able to attempt a question so many times before it moves on. For example if a user makes 3 attempts at answering a question and they are all wrong answers then after the third attempt the correct answer is displayed but they don't get the mark and moves onto the next questions.

I have created a quiz which gives feedback when a wrong answer is given and moves onto the next question. I would like the user to have the opportunity of attempting the question more than once before moving on


Thanks in advance for help

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Shaun Thornton

Hi Linda, in the Form View of the question slide you will have a Scoring section on the Ribbon at the top. In there should be an attempts drop down which allows you to set the number of attempts a user can have before it classes the question as failed and moves on. In the feedback for the failure you can then say what the correct answer should have been.

Linda Brown

Thank you so so much Shaun and Leslie it worked and I am in my element. Sorry for late response only just had a chance to try out the solution trial version run out and just got full package and had to wait for our tech team to install as we are not allowed to install anything on our network.

Now up and running so you will be hearing from me a lot more.


Once again Thanks!!