Question bank - a place to deposit repeated quiz?

Not sure if this is doable, but here's what I want to to and the problems I've come across.

1. we have a "Learning" section, where I'd like to have quizes related to the learning appear on a regular interval. Like this:

A1 - A2 - A3 - A-quiz slide - B1 - B2 - B3 - B-quiz slide etc.

The quiz slides are not your traditional multiple choice questions, but interactions (sort this, pairs, drag-n-drop, hotspots etc), and every quiz is directly related to the previous learning slides (B quiz for B slides etc). We really try to vary it.

To do this we draw a question from the question bank (but it's very tedious, as you have to set all the irrelevant quizes to "never" and the one you do want (like B-quiz after B-slides) to always, and IF you add another quiz to the bank you have to set it to "never" in all the cases where you draw a quiz from the bank, unless you want that new question to pop-up every time... already here it seems we might be doing it wrong? )

2. Then there is a "Repeat and test" section, where all the  Quiz slides (B-quiz, A-quiz, C-quiz) are (randomly) presented.

My problem is that once you've gone through the learning, the answers (right or wrong) are now already in the quiz slides, IF (it seems) it is quizes where you type an answer? Quizes like matching pairs and some other drag-and-drop are reset. But if you want to repeat and test yourself, by getting a random set of questions from the bank, it kind of loses our intended use. Maybe this is not how you are supposed to use it?

Is there a better way of doing this? To summarize: Having all (or some of) the excersizes used during learning, come back in a test-and-repeat-section later?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pernille,

That does sound like a lot of extra steps perhaps.

Have you considered having multiple Question Banks instead? An A Bank, B Bank, C Bank, then a Master Bank with all questions that can be randomized?

It should prevent the issue you are mentioning about the question repeating and holding an answer.

If you like your current set-up, applying a trigger on the last slide before the user goes to the final quiz to re-set the results should alleviate the issue as well. 

Just my thoughts. Hopefully others in the community with some experience or insight to share on this will be able to chime in too.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pernille,

I'm curious--what are the "When Revisiting" slide properties on the text entry question slides. Have you selected "Reset to initial state?"

Another thought is to use a duplicate question bank for the "repeat and test" section. That way, learners would not revisit question slides they've already visited. This would be a new set of slides containing the same questions.

Pernille Ravnskov

Alyssa: All the questions are set to "Reset to initial state" - but they don't (which had me very confused as to what this function really does? What does it reset to if it doesnt remove the answers?)

Leslie: I did consider mulitple banks. But then you have duplicates, and one of them is always different :) I thought the whole point of having a bank was that you didn't have to make duplicates?  

OR... can you have one master bank where the "learning"banks draw from, and then the "Learning section" draws from the Learning bank and the test section draws from the master? ... that would probably solve the issue of setting the "always" and "never".

But logically there is no difference to the answers remaining in the already used questions? I'll try it and get back!!

Thanks for your replies!


Pernille Ravnskov

Feedback after testing (... a lot of different testing, only givving summary here, sparing you...) :

Alternativ 1:

Created several Quiz banks - QBA, QBB, QBC etc and in the Learning section I drew the question from there (=saved time on setting always/randomly/never as long as there was only the one question in there). Then for the Repeat-Test (R&T) section I had created a Master QuizBank, filled it with imports from the other QBA, QBB, QBC... It removed the case of the answers still being around for the test. yay.

At first I thought the Review quiz slides would quote my answer as wrong, even tho I corrected it in the test and the test results only showed points scored during test. But then I found  that the huge red banner (text: incorrect)  in the bottom om the Review quiz slides was always there (?), making me think I had answered everything wrong - which brought me another, related question - HOW do you edit the design of the Review quiz slides? I'm not talking about the result slide (with the numbers and %), I'm talking about the slides that show the correct answer. Can I get rid of that big red banner?

Alternativ 2:

I moved the individual quiz slides out, no banks, in the Learning section. Easy creation and management. And then for the R&T section I created a Master Quiz Bank and imported all the different quiz slides in the Learning section into this bank. I liked this. Full control in Learning, less hassle in R&T. (still the need to edit the design of the Result/review slide).

BUT. In either case I will have duplicates.

I prefer Alternative 1 = I only have to remember to always UPDATE the Master quiz bank import EVERY time I make a change to any of the quiz slides in Learning (or if I add a new).

Summary - I can not, as I originally thougth, draw the same questions from a bank several times, as the old results will stick with them (even with Reset-when-revisiting, still not sure what that function actually does).

If you have any suggestions on improvements to the structures in my alterantives, please let me know.




Leslie McKerchie

Hello Pernille - If you wish to remove the banners, you can do so by following the instructions within this thread.

Looks like you've weighed all of your options, I hope that others in the community that have some experience or advice to share here will chime in to assist with how they've handled this previously.