Question Bank capacity

Is there a maximum number of quizzes that can be stored in the Question Bank?

We are preparing to develop a very large training program with 80+ eLearning modules and corresponding quizzes; I need to know if the Question Bank has the capacity to hold that many short quizzes (no more than 10 questions each) or if I will need to store the quizzes in some other format outside of Storyline.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Tom!  We don't limit the number of question banks you can use in Storyline.  It sounds like you're planning on recycling your quiz questions throughout a few different modules. 

Do you need to access your question banks in several different Storyline courses?  Consider using the Team Slides option!  This feature allows you to manage slides that need to be reused in different projects and by different members of your 360 team. 

Tip:  You'll want to create a different Team Slides project for each question bank so you can choose which bank of questions to include in new projects.

Mark Ramsey

I was creating 28 quiz banks, with anywhere from 3-9 questions per bank, with a total amount of 161 questions. SL3. There were times when I would select a number of questions, all one after the other in the list, and at times some of the questions didn't populate the quiz banks; sometimes none of the questions populated. I messed around and finally got them all to cooperate, but it was kind of a hassle. I know this isn't part of the discussion but I thought I'd mention it.