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Mar 26, 2013

I have set up a series of quizzes which randomly select 25 questions from a Question Bank of 50 questions. Everything is working well but I couldn't see any option to display progress information such as "Question 5 out of 25" and show the current score. Is there something I have missed or do you have to set it up manually?

Many thanks!

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El Burgaluva

Hi, Mirren

As the fellow in the thread Ruth linked to worked out, you control it with variables and references to those variables.

Create a numerical variable for counting questions, e.g. qcount, and set the initial value to zero.

Then simply put the following triggers on all the Master Layouts used by quiz questions:

  • Adjust variable:qcount to +1 when timeline starts.

NOTE: Base layer Masters only; not feedback layer Masters.

Then, add a text box on your Master with the following in it: Question %qcount% out of 25.

Finally, on your [REVIEW QUIZ] and [REDO QUIZ] buttons (on your Results Slide), add the following trigger:

  • Adjust variable:qcount to value = 0 when the user clicks.

Hope that helps!


Mary Schoeller

Hi - 

First - thanks for the information - was just was I was looking for! I wanted to let them know what question they were on throughout the quiz (Question x of 18).  It works great when going through the quiz the first time. However, I'm having an issue with the question count when I do the Retry Quiz option. I did put a trigger on my Retry Quiz button to adjust the variable to 0. But, at some point during the retry, it skips ahead a number. I'll be on 13 of 18, then the next slide will say 15 of 18, or I'll be on 14 and it will skip to 16. There is no consistency as to when it skips ahead a number, nor does it seem to be a specific question. I always end up with the last question stating 19 of 18 because of this. 

The Review Quiz function works fine with the same trigger as the Retry button, but for some reason the Retry is not working properly.

Just wondering if anyone else has run across this, or has any ideas on where to start looking to try and figure this out.


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