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May 20, 2016

Hello Everyone,

When in the question bank and selecting slides on the left my slide in the main display do not change. My timeline activity changes but again the main window does not change. I've gone and performed the suggested step for erratic behavior in Storyline and it worked initially but the issue has returned. See attached file. This may or may not work for you it is an erratic behavior. Please help. 

PS. I'm noticing that this is happening in all my slides. That is I can select a slide in the left pane but nothing changes in the middle of the screen. This is happening in all of my files not just one in particular. 

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Maree Eilman

Hi Ashley, I will do a screen capture for you of this behavior. I'm not able to identify any other anomalies of when it worked and when it didn't work. No I had not left it running over night. I always shut down when I leave as I work on a laptop so shutting down is a criteria for me at least. :) But my next post will be of the screen capture. 

Thank you for all of your help. Maree

Maree Eilman

Hi Ashley I'm back. I'm still having my issue with my screen locking the slide. As in the picture that I'm attaching you I have opened up Course B made changes, saved it, published it, and went to open another course, Course A. The photo is what I got when I double clicked on a slide. I have Course A displayed in the navigation window on the left and the old Course B slide still displayed in the main frame. So essentially, there is one course being displayed in the left navigational pane with part of another course displayed in the main window.

So it is the same scenario as before just a little more exaggerated. When trying to select other slides in the navigation pane on the left the same slide appears in the main area. This mostly occurs when working in the question bank assessments. 

I've tried all the remedies of using the sl2Cleanup, reinstalling Storyline, unchecking .NetFramework, and modifying CUA and nothing seems to work. I'm at my wits end. 

Any more suggestions? 

Thank you in advance

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maree,

Thanks for sharing another image and letting me know you went through those steps as well. I still am not able to replicate the same thing, so I'd like to get you working with our Support engineers so that they could take a bit deeper look at what's happening on your slides and within this project file. Can you reach out to them here?

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