Articulate App 360 not launching(Window 10)


I downloaded Articulate 360 desktop app (Windows 10) but is not launching. When trying to open the app there is not error message or any kind of message.

I uninstalled and reinstalled desktop app  couple of times and also followed the steps in this threat bellow but not change.

Any idea on what's happening? and a possible solution?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello I F and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are experiencing when you try to use your software.

Are you following the instructions here to launch your Storyline 360 software?

Since you've already done a bit of troubleshooting, it may be best if you work directly with our support team here.

Harshavardhan Ganesan


I had a similar issue which left me to my wits end. But i've managed to solve it. 
You may wanna take a look at the Application Log in Event Viewer (Windows) to ascertain the actual error for crash. 

Here's what I did: