Question Bank randomized not scoring

Hi Everyone, 

I created a Question Bank and a randomized draw in Articulate Storyline 2.  It is correctly randomly drawing questions and I get to my results page.  However, my results are 0% - and I should have gotten 90%.  I checked all my questions and they are 10 points each.  Previously, when I hadn't created a bank or a randomized draw, my results page scored fine.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

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Margie Grande

Thanks very much, Wendy!  With your help, I figured it out.  I had originally created my quiz questions, not in a bank for randomizing.  I haven't done a bank and randomized before, so after I made my quiz - I then imported them into the bank - but I still had all my quiz questions outside of the bank, in a scene.  I think that messed up the scoring.  I deleted all those slides and voila!  It works!  Thanks so much!