Question bank results slide: feedback by question


I have a question bank to randomly draw 8 questions. In the results slide I would like to insert some feedback by question identifying which questions the learner got right and wrong.

Since it's a question bank it a bit more complicated....

I thought something like this: Create 8 variables, one for each question, plus one for question number.

Then, in each question:

    - add 1 to "question number"

    - set variable 1/2/... to correct/incorrect depending on the variable "question number".

This way I can have the state of each question in the slide results.

Do you think this will work? Is there an easier way?

Thanks, Ana

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ana!

I think the method would work, but I would suggest a True/False variable, if you're able to implement one. Though, I'm not sure this would make it easier for you. It's really a matter of preference :) 

Are you able to share what you have so far? Maybe if we can see your project we can try to provide some additional suggestions. If you're worried about sharing the content, you could always create a mock-up and share it with the community.



Ana Victória


Everything works fine but one simple thing: in each question I have "add1 to variable 'question'.

When the learner click review it keeps adding... so in the revision I end up with "Question 9 of 8" and so on....

I had to add a condition on the trigger "add 1": if 'question' is less then 9.

Hope it works :)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ana,

Yep that should do it! Not sure if adjusting the revisiting settings would also make the work, but sounds like you've done pretty well with the conditions. 

Feel free to share any progress or updates! I always love seeing examples from our talented community.

Thanks and have a great day, Ana!


Ana Victória

Hello again,

Need help on this again!!!

The client wants the following: the user has 3 tries but the grade is always the highest.

since I cant adjust the variable Results.ScorePoints How can I program this in order for the grade sent to the LMS is always the highest?

Another question, how can I adjust the revisiting settings? what options do I have?

Christine Hendrickson said:

Not sure if adjusting the revisiting settings would also make the work,

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ana,

Not quite sure I'm understanding your client's request. If the user has 3 attempts, the first 2 attempts shouldn't be reported. So, in the end, the only score you should see is the final score. Maybe I'm not understanding, or maybe the client is under the impression that all three scores are passed to the LMS?

The revisiting settings are available in both Slide View and Story View (depending on what type of slide you're viewing) in the "Slide Properties". In Slide View, you can adjust this by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower right-hand corner for the main layer or main question layer of the slide, in the "Slide Layers" pane. 

Once you have the "Slide Properties" window open, you'll be able to choose what happens when that slide, or question slide, is revisited. 

It'll look something like this:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Stephen Cone


It sounded like Ana's client wanted the following:

  • For attempt 1, the user scores a 85%
  • For attempt 2, the user scores a 90%
  • For attempt 3, the user scores a 80%

The client wants Ana to return the final score for attempt 2 and disregard the others.  In other words, the client wants the user's highest score returned regardless of where in the attempt sequence it was achieved.

To do that, I believe Ana will have to modify the Configuration.js file located in the LMS folder of the published content and change the "SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE" variable to true.

Stephen Cone

Hi Ana,

I belive that's correct. My understanding is that Storyline will report the user's score to the LMS after he/she has completed the test.  Upon subsequent attempts, the user's score will be compared to the reported score and will only be overwritten if the new score is higher than the reported score.

You'll want to test the configuration.js file change a lot to confirm that it works with your LMS and your client's LMS.  Otherwise, you may have to rely on lot of internal logic/variables and the following "How to submit course completion to an LMS on a specific slide" support article [].