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Feb 16, 2014

Hi all,

I'm working on a project with a lot of branching and use of questions banks which create randomised situations for learners to take correct decisions.

The problem I encounter is that when I update one of the slides that is in a question bank, the old version appears when published. The only solution is to delete that question from the question bank and re-import for the correct version to come out when published. Has anyone encountered this before? Is it a known glitch that will be handled in an update?


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Miranda Verswijvelen

Hi both,

Thanks for your comments!

Yes, saved before publishing as it came to my attention when the client reviewed and noted things that I was sure I changed!

The preview shows the new version.

I just did a little test - in my module I have an instance where a choice of 3 slides is made to create a random situation around heart rate assessment (this is a complex medical module handling actions when resuscitating a newborn). I added a red rectangle on all 3 slides to have a clear change for testing purposes. Preview: rectangle shows. Save, then publish: no change visible...

What is the best way to share a file? (it has video clips on almost every slide...)

Deanna Brigman

Are you editing the question inside of the question bank?

Storyline copies the question slides in a scene into the question bank, essentially creating a duplicate of your questions. So you need to be sure that you are going into Question Banks > Manage Question Banks > Select your Question Bank > then double-click on the slide that contains the question that you want to change.

It will not update the question bank slides if you edit your question outside of the question bank. It is a bit confusing as the scene with your questions is there in Story view, but your question bank is not. I was having the same issue until I realized that Storyline duplicates slides.

Hope this helps.

Simon Perkins

Miranda, if you are wanting to deal with random numbers triggering random events/slides then you might like to check out the piece of JavaScript at the bottom of this post.

Re sharing a file, do you mean you'd like to upload it here for one of us to take a look?  If so, just click the Attach file (paperclip) icon and add the Storyline file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Miranda,

Deanna brought up a good point - you'll need to edit the slide within the question bank, not the individual question slides which you may have if you had "imported" them into a question bank from within your Storyline file.

If you'd like to share here, you can attach using the paperclip icon, and I may recommend creating a copy without the video files as it may be too large for the forums. If you'd prefer not to share in the forums I can send you directions to share with me privately and you can always connect with our Support engineers. 

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