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Feb 26, 2014

I've successfully created a question bank of 70 questions and have randomized them so that 50 are displayed to the learner, but I'm having difficult getting the associated results slide to appear when the learner answers the 50th question.

I've tried:

  •  putting the results slide in the same scene
  • putting the results slide in a different scene
  • checking that the result slide properties are pulling from the one and only question bank
  • putting a trigger on the question bank to jump to the results slide when the timeline on the question bank ends.

What am I missing?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

The "review results" trigger is used mostly on the results slide to allow the user to go through the quiz in a review mode to see what answers they selected and if they were correct/incorrect.

In regards to your original question, when you go to insert a results slide within the same scene, my file automatically creates the trigger to jump to the next slide (from the correct/incorrect feedback layer) and I also see it as a player trigger for the entire question bank when the user clicks the next button. If your course is behaving oddly I'd first want to check that you're working on local project files as working on a network or USB drive could cause odd behavior.  If it was on a network drive, you may want to try importing your course into a new project file it may resolve some of the issues you're experiencing.

If the course is still behaving oddly, are you able to share the Storyline course here with us? 

Michael Palko

Thanks, Ashely!  A colleague and I poked at it (relentlessly) and here's how we solved it:

    • I inserted a blank slide into the question bank.
    • On that slide I placed a "Get Your Score" button.
    • I set the parameters to always show the "Get Your Score" slide at the end of the group.
    • I set the parameter to pull 51 (50 questions and 1 "get your score slide") from the 70 in the Question Bank.

It gives me what I need and gives the learner the opportunity to take a deep breath before seeing their score!

Appreciate your help!

heloise clair

HI, I have created for the first time a question bank and it works. Then I try to add a result slide  (after the question bank) so my learners can know there score. I 've been reading all the tuto and I added a result graded slide. But at the end :

- your score is 0% if you fail / and 80% if you succeed

So the system knows if I fail or succeed but is not able to give me the score.

What did I miss ? I'm going nuts

Thank you for your help

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