Question counter not incremented when clicking Next button during quiz review

Jul 10, 2016

I am using Storyline version 2. I created triggers that increment a variable when clicking on the previous and next buttons during a quiz.  This variable represents the current question number.  The triggers work fine when answering questions, 1 of 2 ,2 of 2, etc.. After completing the quiz the results slide is displayed with the score.  After clicking "Review Quiz"  the first question is displayed with correct/incorrect status. When I click Next to move onto question 2, the counter is not incremented. However, when clicking the previous button the question counter is decremented by 1.  For example, if I click next for question 1, question 2 appears with the count showing as 1 of 2 instead of 2 of 2. However, if I click the Previous button the question counter variable is displayed as -1 of 2 because it was not incremented earlier. I cannot determine why the trigger works for the Previous button and not the Next button during quiz review. I attached a test storyline file that exhibits the issue.

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Crystal Horn

Hi David.  I tested your story and saw exactly what you were talking about.  You had everything set up properly, and the fact that the previous button worked led me to believe there was a bug with the next button adjusting the variable with a trigger attached.

Sure enough, I did locate a bug report.  This information is with our QA team who's investigating, and I'll be sure to attach your experience.  I don't have an update now, but as soon as we do, we'll be sure to share it here.  

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