Mar 31, 2014

In a course I am working on, I have a "menu"  of topics page. It has narration and then an image with hotspots that are links to other pages. Problem is, when learner goes back to that original "menu" page, the narration plays again. Is there a way to circumvent the narration other than creating a new page to replace the original menu page which would only have the image and the hotpots?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Ken,

Each slide has 3 states that infleucne its revisiting behaviour.

  1. Resume saved state

    When you select Resume saved state and the narration was completely finished, the narration will not restart

  2. Reset to initial state
    Will always replay the sound file
  3. Automatically decide (default)
    Depends on what action followed, and the system will decide for you



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