Question Editor Changes Feedback Branching to Automatic

It seems that the question editor always want to change feedback branching to automatically advance to the next slide. I don't want this to happen, so every time I edit a question I have to change that or delete the triggers that it automatically adds to go to the next slide when the timeline ends.

Is there any way to stop the question editor from changing branching and adding triggers?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dane,

I'm not able to reproduce this on my end with a course. What type of question are you using? Do you have any other slides in the course that are set to advance automatically?

Also, do you know what version of Storyline you're currently running? You can find this by clicking on "Help" and "About Articulate Storyline". If you aren't running version 2 (1212.1412) please try downloading and installing Update 2

If that doesn't resolve the issue, are you able to recreate the problem in a new, blank Storyline course?

Dane Boyington

Nope, this is real. However I did not realize the total requirements to reproduce the issue. I spent some time figuring it out, and the key to reproducing the problem is to delete the "unassigned" triggers that Storyline creates to represent unassigned branching. I wanted to control navigation completely with my custom buttons, and this keeps taking that away from me.

The key to reproducing this problem is that you have to delete the "unassigned" trigger that Storyline puts in the feedback layers by default. I had deleted these in my master templates, thinking that they were unnecessary, and Storyline insists on putting them back there. Here is how to reproduce:

- Start Storyline

- Insert a stock multiple-choice page: Insert, New Slide, Quizzing, Graded, Multiple Choice, Insert.

- Enter a question and two answers. Click on "Feedback" and set to "By Choice". Enter feedback for each answer you created.

- Change branching to none: Click "More" next to each of your answers. Change "Branching" from the default of "Next Slide" to "Unassigned". Click "OK" on question feedback dialog, and then "Save and Close" on the question editor.

- Delete the "unnecessary" triggers. Double-click the page in the scene to display the multiple choice page. Click on the incorrect layer. You will see a trigger that says Jump to slide unassigned when the user clicks. Delete this trigger. Go back to the main page layer.

- Edit the question: Double-click the multiple choice question in the scene to display the page. Click on "Edit Multiple Choice" to bring up the question editor again. Edit the question stem and click "Save and Close" to close the editor.

- Now go back and look at the incorrect layer. Storyline will have added a new trigger that says Jump to next slide when the timeline ends.

So here is my problem. I had deleted the "unnecessary" assigned trigger out of my masters, and then used these to correct several lessons. When I tested the lessons, I never bothered to keep the feedback open for the default feedback timeline of 5 seconds. But when actual student looks at the feedback for 5 seconds, this automatically goes to the next page. Due to other scoring stuff I have done, this causes me a real probem.

I can see that this is a particular setup that causes this, but nonetheless Storyline has created a new trigger of a different type (when timeline ends) to replace something that I purposefully deleted.

I love Storyline. This one bugs me, but now I know how to deal with it now. The other thing that *really* bugs me is that you can't allow two attempts to a fill-in-the-blank problem.  (Really - pressing the Enter key when the feedback layer is up after the first response consumes the second attempt. I have already passed this by support, and they confirmed this.)


annemieke van den Bijllaardt

Hi there,

I have the same problem: everytime I change the question storyline produces triggers 'go to the next slide when the timeline ends'. Really annoying, since I have to delete the two triggers everytime.

The suggested solution doesn't help (Slide advances: by user) . Is there anything else I can try or is this a bug that needs to be fixt?



Dane Boyington

This is real, although I have not tried to reproduce it in Update 3. We've just gotten used to going back and checking after editing, or to put in "false" triggers in the place. For instance, add a trigger that says "Jump to next slide when timeline ends if myVariableSetToOne = 9999". If myVariableSetToOne is set to 1, then this trigger will not fire, but will keep Storyline from putting something there. Bad thing is it probably slows down processing on iPad, which is already slow.

I wish it would not do this.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi annemieke and Dane!

Christine and Peter both have changed positions here at Articulate and do not get back to the forums often.

I am jumping in here and cannot re-create the issue that you are having. I followed Dane's steps to try to re-create and I am unable to do so. 

I would advise that you submit your .story file so that our support team can have a look at what may be going on.

david mckisick

Yes, this is real, although I do not believe it is a bug in Storyline. I think this is how it is supposed to work, because it has always done this in SL1 as well. Yes, everytime you make any changes in the Question Editor, it will insert these triggers. It can and would only do this if it was part of the baseline code. The fix for this is to alter the way Storyline works the Question Editor.

Barry Hinks

Is there an update on this issue? I've built several courses over the past couple of months and when building the questions for the assessment test all did exactly as others have experienced. If you edit the question in the page then the issue doesn't occur but once you select 'edit multiple choice' and save your changes it adds in two triggers on the correct and incorrect layers.

Hide layer when timeline ends & Jump to next slide when timelines ends.