Question from today's Animated GIF session with Sarah Hodge

Mar 11, 2021

Hello - great discussion and learning points today during the Go-Webinar event. I have a question - how do you use this functionality when there is an audio clip included on the slide that makes the slide length be longer than the animation? 

For example, I created an animated image and in my preview it worked as expected. But then I added a 30 second audio clip and of course it can't work because the timing of the animation is only 1.25 secs. Right now the trigger is set to Jump to Time 0 when timeline ends and if I change that to "when timeline reaches 1.25 sec" then the audio keeps restarting as well (which makes sense). 

What would I do differently with that animation to loop continually while the audio plays? 


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Philip Roy

Depending on what you used to create the GIF, you'd put a setting in there to have the animation loop. For example, here's a screenshot of an animated GIF I've created in Photoshop, and as I go to save the GIF, I choose what happens to through once or loop. So it's the GIF itself that does this, not Storyline.

Animated GIF setting

Sarah Hodge

Hi Esther! Thanks for posting your question! The audio and the animation would need to be on two separate layers so that the jump-to-time trigger makes the animation loop every 1.25 seconds and the audio clip to loop every 30 seconds. Make sure you uncheck 'Hide other slide layers' for each layer as well. On the base layer, have triggers to show each of those layers when the timeline starts. I hope that helps!