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Apr 07, 2014

At my company, we are implementing a new, and hopefully temporary, pass/fail new hire assessment quiz and have built it in Storyline.  We use Success Factors as our LMS.  This is a 60 question test and determine's whether or not a new hire trainee at the end of a six week new hire program, will be let go or graduate from training.  We rolled this out to three different new hire classes that needed to take the test on the same day and ran into a major issue, which was we were unable to gather question level results.  In other words, we are now having to justify and figure out letting employees go, without being able to provide test results question level data to explain to the employees, HR, etc.

I am not our LMS Success Factors guru and am the curriculum/instructional designer.  I do understand we might have a limitation from the LMS aspect. 

Additional info:  We are using a timer in Storyline with a limit of 2 hrs and have that built into the test.  We are also disabling the test from showing the user their result/score on the results slide, as we don't want a combination of panic and excitement between groups of 15-20 new hire test takers in the same training room.  We are only wanting to allow trainers/developers to have access to test scores and want to be able to communicate these results to the trainers the day after test day.

Question:  Does anyone know of a clever way that might help remedy our problem where we are not getting question level data pertaiing to this very critical and sensitive test purpose?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam and welcome to Heroes! 

I don't know a lot about Success Factors, but there are a few things you could check to see how/if the information is being communicated and if Success Factors is not reading it correctly.

First, I'd want to confirm that you're publishing your course with Update 5 of Storyline. 

Next, you may want to review the information here on what Storyline reports to your LMS, and confirm that your LMS is able to report out on the cmi.interactions data as that's where the question/answer details are held, and that you've enabled the tracking based on that Results slide. 

You may also want to reach out to Success Factors to see where that data is stored, or if it is stored. Although tracking results via text file or database is not supported by Articulate, community members here may have other methods/ideas that they are utilizing, and there are a few examples linked in this thread. 

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